Time Can't Do What Only You Can As You Grieve.


If you're ready to learn practical ways to help yourself experience relief and focus on things you can control as you grieve, then The Grief Anatomy Toolkit is for you.

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Grief is messy, complicated, and unsettling, leaving so many broken pieces along its path.  


And its unpredictable course can leave you feeling powerless, exhausted, and completely out of control as you grieve. 


The Grief Anatomy Toolkit is a self-guided, yet interactive mini-course/e-book combo jam-packed with practical strategies designed to help you navigate grief in the here-and-now and regain some control along the way.

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Discover 5 tools to help transform the way you've approached grieving so far.

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In The Grief Anatomy Toolkit, you'll explore ...


  • 1 - Why it's important to move beyond traditional understandings of 'self-care' as you grieve 
  • 2 - How the unpredictable ebbs & flows of grief can unsettle you 
  • 3 - Why it's essential to leverage social relationships to create a grief community
  • 4 - How understanding why and how you respond under stress can help you along the journey 
  • 5 - How to identify and manage grief overload 


In addition to exploring the tools, you'll also learn specific practices for each tool that can be immediately applied throughout your grief process.  From time to time, you'll be invited to pause and reflect on how you might apply each practice to your unique grief experience.

The Grief Anatomy Toolkit will help you ...


  • Center (or re-center) your approach to grieving
  • Identify aspects of the grief process you can control
  • Take inspired action to incorporate helpful practices as you grieve


Why?  So you can begin to feel more settled, focus on ways to empower yourself along the grief journey, and start the process of re-imagining your life after experiencing loss.

After engaging the practices in the toolkit, you'll not only be armed with information about grief, but will also be more equipped to take steps to help yourself as you grieve.

In doing so, you'll remind yourself why focusing on what you can control as you grieve -- namely, you, is so vital.


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The Grief Anatomy Toolkit is for those who ...

  • Have experienced significant loss
  • Are feeling disempowered throughout the grief process
  • Want to experience some sense of control as they grieve


This is not for you if you're not quite ready, for whatever reason, to do the work of grief.  No judgment from me!  Leaning into grief isn't easy!  Be kind to yourself, no matter where you are in the process.


The Grief Anatomy Toolkit is not a substitute for therapy and is not designed to treat psychological conditions or replace care for any emotional health crisis, including suicide.  It may, however, be helpful as an adjunct to existing care, though this is not guaranteed.  Please consult your medical and/or mental health provider if you're struggling with any symptoms of mental or psychological distress.  

If needed, you can reach out to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255), the SAMHSA Treatment Referral Helpline: 1-877-726-4727, or call 911 for immediate help.

Bonus #1

Grief is taxing to the spirit, mind, and body.  Because of this, your toolkit includes two personally recorded grounding meditations, focused on compassion towards the self and body awareness.  Both are specifically designed with grief in mind.

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Bonus #2

While grief is a part of your story, you are not grief. It's important to shift your language and transform how you approach grief day-by-day. 

Your toolkit includes a personally recorded affirmation to help encourage you as you grieve.

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Bonus #3

With your purchase of The Grief Anatomy Toolkit, you'll gain access to a special offering specifically designed to help you grow deeper as you grieve. 

With loss comes change.  This bonus will equip you even more for the change.

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Hi There!


I’m Mekel, a licensed psychologist and creator of the Grief Anatomy Toolkit.  I have over 20 years of experience in mental health, including grief and loss, and have served individuals and families in homes, schools, academia, hospitals, and private practice. 

But most importantly, I’m a woman who has experienced significant loss – the death of my beloved mom in 2012, my beautiful Beagle in 2017, and most recently, my fun-loving dad in 2020.  To say the past 9 years of my life have been a whirlwind would be an understatement

Each of these losses forced me into a club I didn’t want to be a part of and left me feeling emotionally weary, spiritually disconnected, irritable (oh, so irritable), and physically exhausted. 

At the same time, they inspired me to help others, like you, learn to navigate the grief process and regain some sense of control amidst grief’s unpredictability.  The result?   The Grief Anatomy Toolkit. 

My hope is that the toolkit empowers you to take the steps necessary to care for yourself as you grieve.

I'm so glad you're here!

Jenny K.

"Mekel's ability to connect with others who are grieving is so beautiful to observe.  She not only shares tools to help others, but she also uses the tools to help herself.  She is doing the work of grief, not just educating about its importance.  Whatever she shares will undoubtedly be amazing!"

Gregory J.

“Mekel is a wonderful support and great at what she does. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Help Yourself As You Grieve.

The Grief Anatomy Toolkit offers a way to discover and implement tools and practices, specifically designed with you in mind.

From one grieving heart to another, thank you.

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